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At BioactiveT, we offer a broad variety of products. Our collection has shaped the iconic BioActiveT brand, with our innovative products, we seek to provide the best care for outpatient compliance.

Science and Integrity
Products A-Z

Science and Integrity Matter

Fact-Checked Claims

We verify every official health claims to make sure our products are safe and effective.

We rigorously vet every product we feature in our brand, so you can feel confident that your purchase decision is approved by healthcare professionals.

Medically Vetted Recommendations

​We evaluate whether a product's API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) health claims align with the current body of scientific evidence.​

Ethical and Reputable Businesses

We vet business practices and strive to showcase our brand's products that meet our social impact standards.

Products A-Z

Below you can find the full A-Z list of our products available worldwide.

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